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We solve problems that virtually every company developing software is facing. SonarSource is the leader in code quality & security with more than 300,000 companies using our solution, including Samsung, eBay, EA, Uber, Airbus, BMW.

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SonarSource was started by a...


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05 March 2019


Smooth hiring process

What works well?

You get to meet many people, and everyone seems to be deeply motivated...

What could be improved?

The whole process could be quicker, even if I was always well informed of the next steps...

18 June 2018

Current employee

What works well?

An incredible people and intellectual experience: working with very engaged and smart people, working together to achieve their dreams while having fun and being ourselves. What else?!...

02 July 2018

Thanks for your enthusiasm working at SonarSource. Enjoy the ride!...