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Imagine yourself at British American Tobacco

We operate in a challenging and highly competitive market, but thanks to the resilience and belief of our people,

we deliver outstanding results year on year. We have created an engaging environment where individuals and

teams can succeed fully and enjoy themselves doing so. Perhaps that's why Your Voice, our worldwide employee

survey, recorded that 80 % of BAT employees are «extremely satisfied» to work here.

The Global Graduate Programme offered by BAT is a unique and challenging opportunity. You will walk into

a real job as of day one; developing your potential through world class training – connecting you with fellow

graduates and senior colleagues from across the globe; and ultimately setting you up for a successful career

ahead. If you have what it takes, no other organisation will offer you a graduate experience quite like BAT's.

Our expectations for you

Thinking global from the day you start – as a business, we were born international. So it's a mindset you

embrace, an influence you enjoy and a way of working you adopt from the day you start.

Believing in your future potential and making it happen – through continuous development, we prioritise

learning and, while we support you every step of the way, your success is ultimately defined by you.

Seizing opportunities and never letting go – passion, the driving force behind BAT's culture. It's about having

the ambition to achieve unprecedented standards, the courage to stand up for your ideas and input, and the

tenacity to keep on fighting until you reach your goals.

Putting more in and getting more out – Putting more in and getting more out – operating in a highly regulated

industry requires a level of rigour and responsibility that few other companies have to match. Thus, the hurdles

you have to jump here may be higher than elsewhere. But when you do overcome them, the satisfaction is

greater and the rewards are bigger too.


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