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Frontiers is an open-access academic publisher changing how science is reviewed, published, evaluated, disseminated and communicated. Established by scientists in 2007, Frontiers drives innovations in peer review, post-publication review, impact metrics for articles and authors, democratic evaluation of the best research papers, research networking and a growing ecosystem of open-science tools.

The "Frontiers in" journal series has published over 40,000 peer-reviewed articles across 55 journals and 430 academic disciplines, which receive 8 million monthly views, and are supported by over 270,000 leading researchers worldwide. Frontiers for Young Minds, a philanthropic initiative by Frontiers, is a science journal that involves young people in the review of articles. Frontiers’ research network, Loop, launched in 2015. It takes open-access publishing and article dissemination to the next level and maximizes impact for researchers.

Today Frontiers is one of the top 5 open-access publishers in the world. In 2014, Frontiers won the ALPSP Gold Award for Innovation in Publishing.

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Translated from French

almost 3 years

Former employee, Permanent position

Excellent office, close to the city centre of Lausanne. Very nice colleagues.

Management style truly "micro manager".

Translated from French

over 3 years

Former employee, Permanent position

A growing company so there are some opportunities.

Too much work for the teams, not the best management.


almost 2 years

Former employee, Permanent position

Nice, but still some TLC needed

Nice people, highly intelligent, although high personal ambitions and egos shadow sometimes their true qualities and potential.

Invest in better qualified team leaders, able to lead, motivate, support and communicate teams effortlessly. And once they are there, fight to keep them in - they are your most valuable assets! Learn to listen to your staff's individual needs and act on it, be fair but not biased, be assertive but n...more