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Depuis plus de 20 ans, notre système se vend aux quatres
coins du monde, permettant à notre entreprise de se 
positionner solidement sur le marché de l'hygiène et la 

VacuumTech offre une approche nouvelle de la vente et vous 
propose ainsi une nouvelle façon de travailler. Convaincu 
que la réussite s'inscrit avant tout dans les relations 
humaines et le partage, chaque membre de notre équipe 
ressent cette même envie d'indépendance et de progrès tout 
en appartenant à une équipe véritablement soudée. 

Nos atouts : 

- Leader dans notre domaine 
- Exclusivité sur notre produit breveté 
- Réseau en pleine expansion 

Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations sur votre futur 
emploi et envoyez nous vos cv par mail. 


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Translated from French
over 1 yearApplicantInternship

motivated and very energetic

While employees are spontaneously critical, they are also a very rich source for identifying what in the organization of work, in relationships or in their work environment plays an important role in their balance. Because a QWL approach is above all the search for, or even the preservation of, bala...more

Very important point: I am a bit of a sensitive person, but I am getting better and better at controlling my emotions.
I don't see time for meetings.
I'm a chatterbox, but in fact, it's a way of getting others to talk about them.

Translated from French
about 3 yearsCurrent employeePermanent position

Full training.
Possibility of evolution.

Translated from French
11 monthsApplicantPermanent position

Lack of respect for candidates

The vacuum cleaner is really cool and the training is instructive.

It is crossed during the interviews because there are a lot of different directors but each one says different things.
The fixed salary is totally necessary, you have to do the 30 demonstrations but it's an unattainable number.
They're not being totally honest with customers the way they want us to...more

Translated from French
3 monthsExecutive / Manager

Hello, we thank you for your feedback even though we would have liked you to do so directly to our services so that we can respond directly to your dissatisfaction.

There is one director per agency, it doesn't seem that you've had several interviews with several different directors to suggest that...more