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Collaborating with Pemsa means sharing strong values!

Pemsa is a Swiss company that recruits and places staff in the construction sector.

Its reputation is based on 35 years of experience as well as an extensive and skilled offer. Its network of agencies assures you proximity wherever you are and wherever your construction sites are in Switzerland.

Pemsa knows to what extent it is crucial to place the social dimension and human respect at the centre of its attention. This philosophy arises from daily experience because we think:

* that our employees are ambassadors: they incarnate our values, our know-how, our reputation and our nature

* that the best driving force is example: we initiate the chain of excellence

* that our job is to showcase the talents we are presented with and to place our trust in them

* that happy employees who feel respected are the ones that give it back

* that their engagement is the best return on investment we can propose to our clients

For all these reasons, Pemsa is committed to guaranteeing full employment day after day. Its philosophy places human capital at the centre of its attention. All of its “temporary” employees receive extraordinary benefits (protective equipment provided, tools made available, training encouraged and proposed, health, well-being and social counselling highlighted, charitable associations supported, sustainable development honored).

In addition, Pemsa proposes social benefits normally reserved for employees of multinationals to its employees: further education, public transport, gym subscription, free phone calls, cinema tickets, preferential leasing rates, vaccination campaign, health check-up, social assistance, etc.

“Simplifying our clients’ lives, making our employees’ lives easier, is how we conceive our job”

Specializing in electricity and structural work constitutes a strength for our company. In fact, our consultants, all coming from these domains, are the best contact persons for our employees. They understand the ins and outs of life on a construction site.
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Administration disponible et réactive, des placeurs au top, du job assuré, aucun retard de paiement.


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J'ai fait parvenir ma candidature, puis un mail de relance 2 semaines plus tard et n'ai jamais reçu de réponse ni à l'un ni à l'autre


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très mitigé

-Relationnel avec les clients -Fourniture du matériel pour les intérimaires pas équipés -EPI (protection individuelle)

- le taux horaire trop faible par rapport à la concurrence sur le marché de Genève - la clarté des contrats il peut y avoir confusion entre la compréhension du contrat cadre obligatoire pour les société de placements en Suisse, qui n'est en aucun cas un contrat de travail en CDI. Une personne en...plus

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Bonjour, Nous vous remercions pour votre message. Sachez que nous avons plusieurs sortes de contrats dont des contrats à durée déterminée ainsi que des contrats à durée indéterminée. Le collaborateur est clairement informé du type de contrat lorsqu'il le signe. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter dir...plus