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almost 2 yearsCurrent employeePermanent position

Available and responsive administration, top ushers, guaranteed job, no late payment.

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almost 2 yearsApplicant

I sent my application, then a follow-up email 2 weeks later and never received a reply to either one.

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about 1 yearFormer employeePermanent position
very mixed

-Relationship with customers
-Provision of equipment for temporary workers not equipped
-EPI (individual protection)

- the hourly rate is too low compared to the competition on the Geneva market
- the clarity of contracts

there may be confusion between the understanding of the mandatory framework contract for investment companies in Switzerland, which is in no way a permanent employment contract.

A temporary emp...more

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6 monthsExecutive / Manager

Good morning, sir,

Thank you for your message. You should know that we have several types of contracts, including fixed-term contracts as well as open-ended contracts.
The employee is clearly informed of the type of contract when signing it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you nee...more

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over 1 yearApplicantTemporary
Worst investment company in Geneva. DON'T READ RESUMES....

No idea what can work in this company...

I applied for at least 10 offers from them and the only lame answer I never got was "sorry but you don't have the experience". I was applying for a position as an electrician assembler with a minimum of 2 years experience required. I have at least 4 years of experience in the field. PROOF THAT THEY...more

Translated from French
6 monthsHR Manager

Good morning, sir,

Thank you for your message. I'm sorry your experience didn't go as planned.

We have reviewed our application management processes and pay particular attention to each application received.

In addition, a job offer can have several selection criteria (number of years of experien...more

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