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MotionPilot is an intuitive and fun flight experience. MotionPilot's goal is to allow anyone to experience flight, explore their surroundings and challenge their friends by flying through the air. The product is a ready-to-fly drone developed specifically for the flight experience. It is easy to use and offers professional flight capabilities. 

MotionPilot is composed of a young team of EPFL engineers. We have developed this technology during our studies. With the help of startup contests, we have been able to finance the development of our prototypes. We organize events where people can experience the technology. those events also allow us to improve the product based on the users feedback.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a set of new technologies: 
first, we are moving away from the conventional gimbals found on most controllers by introducing motion tracking. Motion tracking makes the flying experience more immersive and fun. It allows beginner pilots to directly take control of the drone. Second, the goggles, drone and controller have been designed to work together. It allows them to create the best customer experience possible. Our vision is to provide a set of upgrades such as more capable drones, goggles, controllers and accessories to enable pilots to evolve in the hobby.

We currently have betatesters that are using our products on a daily basis. We will start selling our first products at the end of 2018.

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