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iXion Services SA, partenaire local de votre informatique

Entreprise informatique suisse innovante, iXion Services SA prend en charge la globalité des infrastructures IT de ses clients. Elle est reconnue en Suisse comme un partenaire informatique compétent, fiable, flexible et innovant. Ses activités principales sont l’intégration système et le manage services.

Créée en 2005, iXion Services SA emploie plus de 140 collaborateurs hautement qualifiés, répartis entre son siège social de Chexbres (VD) et ses bureaux situés à Meyrin (GE), Sion (VS) et Bienne (BE). Entreprise autofinancée, elle réalise 80% de son CA en prestations de services IT et enregistre une croissance constante de son volume d’affaires. iXion Services SA compte aujourd’hui plus de 200 clients dans de nombreux secteurs d’activités, administrant pas moins de 1’500 serveurs et 15'000 utilisateurs.


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Translated from French
about 1 yearFormer employeePermanent position

The delegation of IT staff is their job

- Special knowledge of IT professions and their environment,
- Candidates for the delegation selected through a detailed recruitment process,
- Very good working atmosphere,
- A real approach to analysis and advice,
- Regular feedback

Strengthening and flexibility of management,
Why not deploy the delegation in areas other than IT

Translated from French
12 monthsApplicantTemporary

Placement agency to recommend!

I have been able to speak several times with the employees of this employment agency, they are endowed with a very great empathy but also with a great professionalism.
The follow-up of the application files is very good.

Not enough hindsight to give advice for improvements.

Translated from French
about 1 yearCurrent employeePermanent position

A real SME with ambition

A company of size and above all a human management company, where you can discuss with your colleagues and the boss. The projects are interesting and the work is varied. There's never a dull moment!

There are always areas for improvement, but overall the company knows what it needs to work on, even if some things sometimes take time.