Translated from French
almost 3 yearsApplicant

Contacted then file transmitted between their different HR centers, then never again news and do not answer the phone or email

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over 1 yearFormer employeeInternship

Competitive and dynamic working environment

Qualitative projects, interesting career opportunities For all types of engineering profiles. Working conditions are among the best in the consulting industry. The recruitment process is very qualitative and the Business Managers are competent

Honestly, not much. I wish Altran Switzerland every success and thank them again for the internship opportunity offered on their premises.

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over 1 yearCurrent employeePermanent position

Never the routine!

An environment that is always innovative. Possibility to deploy and extend your technological knowledge.

Social benefits (insurance) could be more generous

Translated from French
over 2 yearsCurrent employeePermanent position

Flexibility and Variety of the work offered.
Innovative and future-oriented sectors

Translated from French
almost 3 yearsCurrent employeePermanent position

A motivating company for employees and at the cutting edge of technology

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