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Product Manager - Python Ecosystem

 — Genève
23 September | Employee | 100%

Ref 1928519 | Date: 23 September 2021

SonarSource SA

Product Manager - Python Ecosystem

SonarSource is looking for passionate Product Managers who will make our products truly loved by developers around the world. You will be part of the Product Management team that drives the vision and roadmaps for SonarLint, SonarQube, and SonarCloud. 


The impact you can have

As a Python Ecosystem Product Manager, you will take care of the overall developer experience of our 3 products (SonarLint, SonarQube, and SonarCloud) through the prism of Python and its entire ecosystem, ensuring that we consistently deliver value to developers and their teams in the right way according to the specific characteristics of the Python world in terms of IDEs, CI/CD services, frameworks and libraries, and so on. 

To achieve this perfect match, we need a passionate Product Manager who will research, clarify and prioritize the needs for Python developers and translate those needs across our product line. In doing so, you will become an expert user of our products for Python, from very high-level features down to technical aspects of individual rules. You will join the Product Management team, which is composed of other passionate Product Managers eager to collaborate with you. And you will also work closely with engaged Engineering teams to ensure that the proposed solutions meet the expected outcome, so that we collectively deliver the best products to help development teams write clean and safe code.

By joining us, you will bring your deep knowledge of Python, your passion for code quality and your experience as a Product Manager to help SonarSource reach the next level and provide an awesome user experience to millions of developers.


As a Product Manager, you will

  • Contribute to the product visions and communicate about it, internally and externally
  • Research, clarify and prioritize opportunities to build and maintain an effective roadmap
  • Interact with our users and customers on our product forum to support them, integrate their feedback and identify opportunities
  • Align with the engineering teams on the problems to solve and support them during the end-to-end development stage of the solutions
  • Sync with the engineering teams to ensure that there is a good balance among innovation, consolidation, and stability
  • Work closely with other product managers to design cross-product features
  • Follow what’s happening in the Python world to anticipate changes and feed your thoughts with potential innovations
  • Attend conferences and give talks if you like
  • Help the Product Management team grows in its organization, tools, and processes

The skills you will demonstrate

  • Passionate about Python, and how to write clean code in those languages
  • Experience in software product management, preferably in an agile context
  • Highly autonomous and pragmatic
  • Open-minded and very positive can-do attitude
  • Comfortable in dealing with change, complexity and uncertainty
  • Self-confident enough to challenge the status quo as well as to receive feedback
  • Leadership: you take initiative and demonstrate your ability to lead a subject from beginning to end


Words from the team

Our team is made of 4 passionate teammates making sure our products provide the features developers love in line with the company strategy. We share values like collaboration, kindness, and continuous improvement. 

Our products are widely adopted, new features are frequently requested by our community and we constantly want to implement new features. We need to double the size of the team so that every Product Manager is having the time to think and fully dig on the topics.

Our typical day is made of research related to new domains we want to cover, specification and validation of new features in collaboration with engineering teams. We also collaborate with many other teams to make sure we deliver the best products.