27 Service Technician jobs in the Region of Lausanne

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Field Service Technician, Electrical, SPO

 — Mex VD
24.11. | Employee | 100%

Field Service Technician, Electrical, SPO

The position provides timely and efficient machine repair, installation, upgrade and training services for customers as the front-line representative of BOBST. Additionally, in order to strengthen BOBST's competitive position in the customer's plant, the Field Service Technician is expected to provide valuable business updates to support new selling opportunities.
Please note that this job requires extensive travels (60%).

Machine Service & Training
Includes the repair and installation of new machines; relocation of existing equipment, customer training; preventive maintenance, Productivity Improvement Programs (PIPs); ordering parts necessary to perform installations and repair; troubleshoot electrical problems and proactively recommend the necessary service and maintenance programs. The FST is an expert on operating according to safety requirements.

Effective Communication (The FST takes 100% responsibility for managing assignment at the customer location)
The FST clarifies visit expectations up front. He/she enters through the main office, signs in as necessary and connects with the appropriate person in the plant. He/she calms down angry customers and satisfies even if problem cannot be repaired on the spot. The FST is persuasive. He/she listens intently to what the customer is asking, lets the customer vent and, without getting defensive, addresses expected machine downtime and estimated labor if requested. The FST holds a job completion meeting to summarize the work performed, agree on billing and obtain a customer signature. He/she has an open, honest communication with manager; He/she displays confidence even when not sure of the solution. The FST maintain open dialogue throughout and speaks clearly and understandably to the best of his ability.

Successful Project Management
Thinks ahead to anticipate problems, communicates bad news as soon as possible, balances technical repair needs with good service to meet customer and BOBST expectations, plans the travel schedule to be cost sensitive to expenses and efficient use of time, maintains appropriate safety measures.

Technical Problem Solving
The FST exhibits patience in front of customer and takes responsibility for solving the problem. He/she assesses the problem(s) and develops a recommendation covering both parts and labor. He/she works with confidence to complete the necessary work and reaches out to technical services if in need of assistance. If the necessary parts are not on site and delivery times are unacceptable to the customer, the FST drives to source local components to get the machine running ASAP.

Professional Attitude
The FST is dependable and respectful. He/she displays confidence, good cheer and wears a clean, authorized uniform. One of the keys to his success is the ability to display empathy (the customer recognizes that you understand his problem and that you will operate with urgency to repair the machine as soon as humanly possible).

Positive Work Ethic
Consistently works hard and is results oriented. Operates with a sense of urgency. Sets priorities and plans to meet the job outcome within the assigned time frame. Meets work expectations. Shows up as highly reliable. Work hard, satisfy customer.

Willingness to Grow
Take the initiative to maintain and upgrade skills on machine expertise, particularly with developing technology; develop computer keyboard, email, PowerPoint skills, carry a laptop that stores reference and training materials to make training and repairs more efficient. Set goals to improve skills, target a new job, cross train to a new machine or specialty area. Complete annual development plan with manager, improve English speaking and writing skills, attend and pass prerequisite courses and ask for feedback on a periodic basis.

Critical Skills and Personal Attributes
  • Problem Solving Nature
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Goal Oriented
  • Integrity/Trust
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Team Player
  • Strong Electrical Problem Solving skills
  • Ability to Communicate Effectively
  • Time and Priority Management
  • Attention to detail
  • Use of Laptop
  • Positive Work Ethic/Professional Attitude
  • Undergraduate degree or technical school graduate is preferred.
  • Minimum of 2 years of related technical experience in electrical operating machines.
  • Computer literacy is highly valued.

BOBST is one of the world's leading suppliers of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries. We are present in over 50 countries. With more than 125 years of success in the markets, BOBST is always at the forefront of new technology developments to best respond to its clients' needs. Our leading position is due in particular to our capacity for innovation, the quality of our products and services, our values and the quality of our highly qualified staff.

The production site of Mex, near Lausanne in Switzerland, is also the headquarters of the Bobst Group. It is the most important site, employing approx. 1500 passionate people.
It also trains each year roughly 200 apprentices. The site offers an idyllic work environment. In the countryside and close to major highways, it is also well served by public transport. It offers many amenities, such as a corporate restaurant, sports fields, a fitness and a nursery. The facilities have been recently renovated and represent a model for sustainable development.