Director of Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics department

  • Publication date:

    29 décembre 2022
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  • Contract:

    Permanent position

We, the Trading House placed in Geneva, are looking for a Director of Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics departmentwith extensive experience.


Director of Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics department

1. Main functions, job requirements, level of responsibility

Leadership and Management of logistics and stock levels of products, including international shipments, using various modes of transport

Formation and control of complex schemes of cargo flows, the use of subcontractors,

Process management Implementation of a workflow system that allows for real-time forecasting of the needs of the unit in terms of supply chain management.

Management of distribution/distribution centers.

Creation of an IT system for the distribution and delivery of products to end customers (based on the DPO / PSCP system) and transportation using geographic services.

Development and implementation of automated systems for control of distribution centers, distribution planning, in order to increase business efficiency and efficiency by increasing the flexibility and sustainability of the supply chain, reducing supply chain costs

Organization and control of the process of production planning and forecasting, integrated planning and demand forecasting in supply chains, economic and mathematical modeling, system analysis, methods for making optimal decisions.

Organization and control of the scheduling process.

Management of a management company that processes and coordinates the work of a system of regional distribution and logistics centers, control of the design and formation of new centers, organization of a complex logistics service with a large number of divisions around the world.

Inclusion of "green" practices in supply chain management - from design and selection of raw material suppliers to production, logistics, supplies.

Interaction with customs and brokers, managing a cross-functional team.

Cross functional project management.


2. Requirements for knowledge

Knowledge of federal and other regulations governing transportation in the area of the company's work (in particular, explosive / flammable prpdacts).

Deep understanding of macroeconomics and company economics, financial management in regional and global markets, strategic management, international marketing.

Possession of the Principles of analysis and forecasting of logistics, the basics of business and scheduling.

Possession of the principles of design and construction of logistics systems, the formation of logistics links.

Deep Knowledge in the development of business plans, contracts, agreements, contracts

Knowledge of the Features of IT automation - the hallmarks of various popular systems, possible principles for their integration into existing company servers.

Deep knowledge of the basics of management, marketing, organization of the logistics process and the work of distributor centers.

organization of production, modern business technologies, financial management.

Deep knowledge of HR systems, including various methodologies - Lean, Agile.

Knowledge in the matter of Economics of transportation of goods on all modes of transport.

Knowledge of the Basics of Labor Psychology.


3. Education requirement, qualification .

MBA (Master of Business Administration), Engineering, Finance or Economics degree.

At least 15 years of relevant professional experience and experience in managing cross-effective teams.

Experience in managing international cross-border processes with large project teams; in-depth knowledge of the logistics process and project execution with a focus on finance and commercial aspects

Knowledge of specialized software products such as Aspen-PSCP - Petroleum Supply Chain Planner (formerly Distribution Planning Optimizer, DPO).

Excellent communication, presentation and project management skills; high negotiation skills, high team leadership and motivational skills, and problem-solving competence.

Skills in applying "green" technologies in supply chains

Skills/ability to establish and maintain relationships with internal and external key stakeholders and understanding of the logistics business, oil and gas business, and inter-unit business.



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