Digital Stewardship Analyst - temp. Assignment (100%), 1 year
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11.09.2019 | Employee | 100%

Purpose of the role
- To support the stewardship function in developing a Digital Stewardship Strategy for the Sustainable Agriculture team and provide all analytical support to analyze existing safe use data.
- With view on farmers use patters: Further develop digital tools to monitor, validate, enabling safe use and provide suggestions for improvement of farmers behaviors towards the safe and responsible use of pesticides
- With view of environmental diversities: Further develop digital tools to monitor, validate, enabling safe use for better environmental adaptation of product use.
- To map all currently existing digital tools and propose tools for scaling
- Analyze GGP data to understand farmer practices and make a gap analysis of what data is missing to understand and improve farmers practices

Digital Stewardship Analyst - temp. Assignment (100%), 1 year

  • 50% data analysis, 50% managing data systems and digital tools
  • Data and Data Gaps Analytics of the GGP data
  • Plan of what data to collect with what kind of IT tools to make vulnerability analysis
  • Provide an overview as to which countries would it be possible to develop an environmental vulnerability map and/or similar. So that such maps can be used to provide "Safe-use-recommendations" for areas to be avoided or in need for additional stewardship recommendations worldwide. This means:
  • Scope a plan to extend existing Active Ingredient (AI) vulnerability mapping of leaching in Europe to other regions and countries of the world. E.g. areas or fields that should not be sprayed with certain AIs due to the soil matrix/leaching potential etc. Thus as an example would Brazil be a possible country to develop a groundwater leaching map for AI stewardship recommendation? What maps exists? What information can be derived from other data? What is missing? Who complicated is it to get the full set of data? Major obstacles?
  • Scope a plan to map other important characteristics of the environment like run-off potential (including slope but also rain event modelling?) adsorption potential, etc.
Your Skills & Experiences
  • Min. 2 years' experience in stewardship or sustainability
  • Min. 2 years' experience of data analysis, modeling and statistics
  • Degree in natural or life science, or math-related (statistics, maths...)
  • Knowledge of the key sustainability and stewardship issues in agriculture
  • Understanding of working with other influential stakeholders
  • Communicates with impact
  • Teamplayer and collaborative behaviour
  • Focuses on customers
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