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The World Council of Churches (WCC) is a fellowship of churches founded in 1948. It brings together 350 member churches from all over the world, including Orthodox, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran and Reformed denominations, to promote Christian unity in faith, witness and service for a just and peaceful world.

The headquarters of the WCC is at the Ecumenical Centre, Geneva, a unique space for its member churches, and from which is coordinated the programmes and activities conducted together with the member churches and ecumenical partners.

Professor of Ecumenical Missiology


Duty Station: Ecumenical Institute,Bossey, Switzerland

Starting Date: August 2021

Position at (%): 100%

Works closely with: Director of the Ecumenical Institute, dean and professors of the Ecumenical Institute and other staff of the faculty, and students


Objectives: To teach Ecumenical Missiology in the academic programmes of the Ecumenical Institute.


Specific responsibilities :

  • Teach ecumenical missiology in the academic programmes: Complementary Certificate (CC), Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS) and Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Ecumenical Studies, supervise PhD students as required, and teach in the programmes designed for the Continuing Ecumenical Formation, such as seminars, short-term courses for ecumenical leaders, WCC staff, youth, visiting groups etc.
  • To take on teaching responsibilities in all taught course programmes of the Institute as assigned.
  • Participate fully in the academic planning and preparation for the Bossey programmes.
  • Be actively involved in the life of the students of Bossey, through informal contacts, counselling, worship, and so forth.
  • Be present and participate in all other events important to the life of Bossey and the World Council of Churches in Geneva.
  • Be an active and on-going participant in theological inquiry, through research, writing, and participation in academic conferences, particularly on issues related to ecumenical missiology and evangelism.
  • Welcome visiting groups, help planning programmes for them, share in the duties of speaking to them about one's own work, Bossey and the wider ecumenical movement.
  • Relate to the faculty of Theology in Geneva and/or to other partners, as may be assigned by the director.


Qualifications and Special Requirements:

  • Post Graduate (minimum Master Degree, preferably Doctorate) in theology, missiology. Proven experience or expertise in education.
  • Solid knowledge of missiology
  • In depth knowledge of theological issues relating to missiology and its impact on the life of the Churches.
  • A strong track record of academic publishing, evidenced by books and articles commensurate with the experience of the applicant.
  • Good command of written and spoken English. Knowledge of other languages (French, German, and Spanish) is an asset.
  • Experience in working sensitively in multi-cultural and ecumenical settings.


Deadline for applications: 15 June 2021


About human resources at the WCC: The WCC is an equal opportunity employer. The sole criteria for recruitment, training and career opportunities are qualification, skills, experience and performance to all its staff members.




03 juin
Cadre di­ri­geant, 100%


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