Specialist Instructor/Coordinator of Inclusion 100%

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For our César Ritz Colleges campus we are looking for :


Specialist Instructor/Coordinator of Inclusion 100%

The main objective of this position is to support the learning and well-being of students with intellectual disabilities at the Culinary Arts Academy and Cesar Ritz Colleges. 

Introduction to Position

The main purpose of this role is to provide teaching and service-based leadership for the inclusion of students with intensive learning needs. The central responsibilities include the development, and implementation for both the learning individual students, and facilitation of systems and structures at the organizational level so that a culture of inclusion can thrive. As this is a new role to the organization, it requires a pioneering spirit and the requisite skills to make it a success in service to both students and the organization.

The specialist instructor/coordinator of inclusion reports directly to the Dean for academic matters and to the Director of Operations and serves the organization to facilitate the development of inclusive programming and for direct teaching of individuals in the program. They are directly responsible for the well-being and the learning of the student and facilitating the collaborative instruction of students, expanding the inclusive culture under which students with disabilities can be well served.

The person in this position reflects a passion for teaching students with intensive learning needs and demonstrates understanding and respect for a diversity of learning profiles, and supports the institutional organization as they strive to meet the expectations aligned with the principles of inclusive teaching and learning

Required Position-Specific Skills and Qualifications

  • Evidence of knowledge and experience with both classroom, and practical instruction at the secondary/post-secondary level for students with intellectual disabilities
  • Strong written, verbal, and digital communication skills
  • Demonstrated competency in communicating with various stakeholder groups
  • Experience working collaboratively, and strong facilitation skills working with multidisciplinary teams
  • Strong organizational skills and skilled in using educational and organizational data for decision-making
  • Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of teaching and learning processes, assessment, and instruction
  • Knowledge of and experience with curriculum development
  • Demonstrated competency with facilitation and presentation skills for adult learners
  • A passion for learning, advocacy and resilience responding proactively when faced with adversity - and serving as a positive agent for change
  • Minimally a bachelor's degree, preferred master’s degree in education within the field

Key accountabilities

Program Development

  • Helps the Dean to develop and implement curriculum modifications and instructional practices guidelines
  • Develops and maintains resources for professional practice that support students who learn differently
  • Provides direct teaching and coaching of students in the context of this program
  • Support students to integrate with their peers and community - including community education for reciprocity.
  • Coordinates local resources and outreach internationally
  • Build and maintain strong relationships and open communication systems with all stakeholders

A Leader of Professional Learning

  • Advises leaders on the development and maintenance of organizational structures for inclusion
  • Helps to supports faculty in the implementation of core instructional practices, modifications and key assessments
  • Facilitates team level and organization wide data collection and analysis on student growth,and financial metrics to guide program development

Student Teaching & Learning

  • Helps the Dean to develop curriculum and teach toward personalized (modified) program goals, including vocational, social emotional, and functional/adaptive life-skills needs
  • Maintaining a safe, nurturing learning environment - wellbeing, social & emotional development of students
  • Sustain a consistent focus on individual learning and social integration of students
  • Advocate for the needs of students so that the best possible opportunities can be offered to them
  • Promote the development of student agency, self-advocacy, voice to further facilitate their independence
  • Support the development of adaptive and life-skills towards independence
  • Facilitate multidisciplinary teams and case management
  • With the student, facilitate communication and collaboration with parents or caregivers


The teaching load is defined by the number of students in the program and will require flexibility and personalization.

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