Senior IT Development Engineer

03.11. | Employee | 100%

You design, develop, and optimize multi-level solutions for AGM meetings. In doing so, you empower our customers from the financial sector.

Senior IT Development Engineer

Senior IT Development Engineer




Swisscom IT Services Finance Custom Solutions provides specialized IT services to banks and financial service organizations in Switzerland. Leveraging your extensive know-how and broad experience, you design, develop and improve multi-tier solutions for AGM meetings. Furthermore, you analyze business demands, evaluate cost and benefits, suggest IT solutions and develop models for an AGM business domain. You fully apply your skills in developing program specifications and data models for complex system changes and implementations. As a senior team member, you oversee what is going on, review processes and take necessary measures. You work with different methodologies (waterfall, agile) and end-to-end testing procedures. You achieve high targets and deliver excellent products and services to satisfy the management and customers.

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree (ETH/Uni/UAS) in computer science and engineering or post-graduate diploma in information technology
  • Five to eight years of specialised work experience in the requested area
  • SCORE development and application experience
  • In-depth knowledge of AGM domains, including messaging protocols, RTS/CTS flow control for communication using Tele-voting Systems and IT security systems
  • Experienced in interacting and communicating with geographically dispersed application development and test teams
  • Ability to independently undertake and lead development activities, among others with: Java/J2EE, XLS/XSLT technologies, Aspose, JCA/JCE, open-source security frameworks, Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms, SOAP-based web services, 2WaySSL, HTTPS, JBoss, Oracle RDMS, iSeries, Linux OS, Eclipse, GIT/SVN, Jenkins, Confluence, Jira
  • Loyal, hardworking and very reliable
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, German a plus