DBI AI/ML Specialist (Biostatistician) 80 -100%

20.11. | Position with re­spon­si­bil­i­ties | 80 – 100%

DBI AI/ML Specialist (Biostatistician) 80 -100%

Position Profile

POSITION TITLE: DBI AI/ML Specialist (Biostatistician)


LOCATION: Zurich, Switzerland

THE COMPANY: The Deep Breath Initiative (DBI)

DBI is a life-science start-up company in the space of biomarker research based on breath
analysis with mass spectrometry. Breath analysis is a new field of medicine and yet to be
established for clinical practice. Deep Breath Initiative AG and its founders have established
over the last 12 years unique knowledge and sees itself as leaders in medical breath analysis.
The core intellectual property in the company is how to capture and detect as many as possible
volatile molecules (VOC) in the breath and interpret the measured data for a medical

In order to accelerate the collection of breath data, DBI has decided to build the world first
breath analysis platform. The goal of the platform is to offer researchers an easy to use
infrastructure so they can conduct breath analysis studies. Multiple sites where clinical patients
will have access to the breath analysis machine will be interconnected and breath samples

● Experience in working with large datasets on high-performance computing clusters
● Expert knowledge in Python and MATLAB
● Previous experience in -omics data analysis
● Basic knowledge of mass spectrometry
● Familiarity with version control
● Working closely with 3rd party partner on improving the output quality
● Transferring complex data to information and insights to generate visualized results
● Working actively in different projects for clinical or research studies or clinical trials
● Document all procedures for traceability and regulatory purposes
● Applying all measures to follow DSGVO and data safety regulations
● Being the DBI ‘person of contact’ concerning AI/ML expertise
● Create document standards and templates in order to accelerate site onboardings
● Drive conversation with stakeholders at research sites IT, legal, facility management
● Collect improvement suggestions and issues from different sites and provide feedback
to the platform development team of DBI

State of the Art Breath Analysis for the Future of Health Care.

If you are a person that likes working in an entrepreneurial environment, enjoys working
independently and is eager to shape the field of breath analysis in clinical medicine, then we
would love to talk to you.
● Desire to learn all about breath analysis
● Enjoying teamwork
● Hold high quality standards towards yourself and your team members
● Innovative spirit and desire to get things done
● Ability to work independently and achieve outstanding results
● Self-driven work style
● Able to work in a less structured startup environment
● ‘Addicted’ to Big Data, AI/ML, Biostatistics
● Good communication skills in English (German as a plus)
● Master's degree or higher in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Data Science or
related field
● Preferably work experience in research and university environment

DBI vision is to uncover the full potential of breath analysis to improve patients' lives and
advance precision medicine and make it available for general health care. We truly believe we
can dramatically improve the life of many patients by introducing a new and powerful
diagnostic method called breath analysis.
If you like generating an impact, you strive for high quality standards, get excited by the
possibility to discover and taking the opportunity to shape the destiny of a small start-up
company, then DBI is the right place for you to work.

High flexibility: data-analysis at office, at project location or home-office; however, internal
coordination meetings preferably at our office in Zurich.


If you’re interested in this exciting position, please send in your application directly to:

Roger Bossard

State of the Art Breath Analysis for the Future of Health Care.