Salary information for Cimentier in the canton of Basel-Landschaft

CHF 61 100
Median annual gross salary at a workload of 100% including the 13th salary and a bonus
Low income
CHF 61 100
CHF 61 100
High income
CHF 92 000

Based on 3 salary entries

What is the salary of a Cimentier in the canton of Basel-Landschaft?

The average annual gross salary for the profession of Cimentier in Basel-Landschaft is CHF 61 100, including the 13th salary and a bonus (based on 3 salary entries). You can find more salary information for Cimentier in the canton of Basel-Landschaft in the following.

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  1. Building trade/Real estate61 100
  2. Banking/Financial institutionsN/A
  3. Consulting variousN/A
  4. EducationN/A
  5. Chemicals/PharmaceuticalsN/A
  6. Retail trade/WholesalingN/A
  7. Service sector in generalN/A
  8. UtilitiesN/A
  9. Catering/HotelN/A
  10. Health care/Social servicesN/A
  11. Commercial operation/Skilled craftsN/A
  12. Industry variousN/A
  13. Information technology/Telecom.N/A
  14. Agriculture/Forestry/WoodN/A
  15. Media/Printing/PublishingN/A
  16. Public administration/AssociationsN/A
  17. Tourism/Travel/RecreationN/A
  18. Transport/LogisticsN/A
  19. Legal/Business adviceN/A
  20. InsuranceN/A
  21. Consumer/Luxury goods industryN/A
  22. Machine/System constructionN/A
  23. Medical TechnologyN/A
  24. Recruitment agency/StaffingN/A

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