Popular professions in Geneva

Administrative Assistant

650 salary indicationsCHF 67 333Administrative Assistant

Accounting Clerk

495 salary indicationsCHF 84 473Accounting Clerk

Account Manager

488 salary indicationsCHF 58 500Account Manager

Executive Assistant

357 salary indicationsCHF 89 558Executive Assistant


283 salary indicationsCHF 56 600Receptionist


271 salary indicationsCHF 150 000CEO

HR Assistant

270 salary indicationsCHF 71 500HR Assistant

Office Secretary

235 salary indicationsCHF 65 508Office Secretary

Accounting Assistant

208 salary indicationsCHF 67 675Accounting Assistant

Truck Driver

198 salary indicationsCHF 60 000Truck Driver

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32 428 salary indications

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What is the average salary in the Canton of Geneva?

Salaries in the canton of Geneva are above the Swiss average, with a median of 77 802 CHF. This figure is based on the salary data from 20 698 of jobup.ch users. Calvin's city enjoys international renown thanks to the many organizations that have their headquarters there, such as the UN, CERN and WHO. Its university regularly ranks among the best universities in the world. But the other towns in the canton, such as Lancy, Meyrin, Vernier or Plan-les-Ouates, are not to be outdone.

What are the best paid sectors in the Canton of Geneva?

In Geneva, the highest paid sectors are Plant / Machine / Metal construction, followed by Waste management / Recycling / Environmental technology and Clothing / Textiles. The cost of living is high, but so are the standard of living and salaries. The city and township hosts international events such as the International Motor Show, the Bol d'Or and the International Invention Show.