Training companies,
more than a label, a long term commitment

At, vocational training is crucial, as it actively contributes to our country’s economy and development. With this in mind, we valorize and support companies that participate in the training of apprentices by publishing their apprenticeship positions for free on our platform and we offer them extra visibility with the “Training Company” label of the Office fédéral de la formation professionnelle (Federal Office for Professional Education). Consult their website here:

A label that guarantees quality

The “Training Company” label is awarded to all companies that are certified to train apprentices, which means they have at least one person qualified to be in charge of apprenticeships, who is in possession of the apprenticeship training diploma recognized by the Confederation. Obtaining this diploma requires approximately 100 hours of training and passing a practical exam. Supporting an apprentice during his/her entire training period is essential, especially in order to teach him/her the business practices within the professional world.

Vocational training

Two thirds of young people today choose to do an apprenticeship after their obligatory schooling. This vocational training combines theory and practice, and leads to a diploma that is very highly rated on the Swiss employment market. The duration of an apprenticeship lasts 3 to 4 years depending on the chosen profession, and generally begins right after obligatory schooling (at 15-16 years of age). Depending on the curriculum, the apprenticeship alternates between academic classes at the professional school and the training company, or is held entirely at the vocational school. In Switzerland, companies offer approximately 80'000 apprenticeships each year, and the demand for them is just as high.