Group Leader Gut Physiology
Nestle - Lausanne
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Group Leader Gut Physiology

Group Leader Gut Physiology


"I want to lead a group to contribute to business growth"


Nestlé Research, Lausanne, Switzerland                Permanent period of time contract,

                                                                                    act. rate 100%


Nestlé Research is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and employs approximately 800 people. It consists of five major research institutes: Health Sciences, Material Sciences, Food Safety, Analytical Sciences and Packaging Sciences. Nestlé Research uniquely combines fundamental science at the highest level, analytical platforms and strong prototyping capabilities to accelerate the translation of science into innovation. Nestlé Research published around 1,000 scientific publications in peer review journals over the last five years, and files about 80 patents every year. Nestlé Research collaborates with approximately 100 universities or research institutes around the world. Learn more about Nestlé Research at 


The Gastro-Intestinal Health Department is seeking for a Group Leader in Gut Physiology. In this role, you will be part of the Gastro-Intestinal Health Department and you will develop and implement innovative and competitive nutritional concepts that leverage Your Gut Physiology expertise (digestion, gut barrier permeability, gut-brain axis), while meeting consumers' needs and contribute to growth. Moreover, you will enable the Gut Physiology research strategy by leveraging internal and external scientific expertise while embracing consumer trends. You will lead and nurture a team of specialists, project managers and experts.


Key responsibilities  

  • Ensure a strategy-relevant, project portfolio that delivers short, mid and long term innovations
  • Support businesses in pipelines or operational activities (scientific and technical support)
  • Lead and organize the group to achieve and exceed their objectives on time with high quality standards
  • Deliver our innovations / renovation projects on time, on budget and smoothly into operations
  • Plan, organize and lead group to achieve their objectives
  • Ensure that the group is providing the appropriate service/support to Markets and or Product and Process Development projects
  • Lead and develop people in their specific expertise and/or beyond, ensure clear development goals and define succession plans
  • Ensure optimal use / sharing of available know-how and resources
  • Establish and nurture close relationships with relevant factories/markets/businesses to understand their needs, provide proactive support and generate new idea
  • Actively monitor external partners (academic, startups, etc.) active in the Gut Physiology and set up strategic relationships when relevant 

Required Profile 

  • PhD and expertise in gastrointestinal physiology, digestive diseases or related domains with at minimum 7-10 years' experience in R&D
  • Knowledge and passion on nutritional approaches
  • Able to efficiently work in multidisciplinary teams and across the whole company
  • Motivate and energize people to deliver and create a climate of mutual trust
  • Encourage discovery, innovation, creativity and knowledge sharing
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English and networking capabilities (internally and externally)
  • Capability to lead a group of people and develop people
  • Ability to manage resources and budget requirements 

Show us that you are passionate and display a strong work ethic, integrity and total honesty. Your strong initiative will be seen as a driver and your focus to translate & implement science into business (Rapid Prototyping) will contribute to your and our success. Furthermore, your ability to create climate for innovation, renovation and knowledge sharing will set you apart among the other candidates. If you are successful, you should be able to drive new innovative Fermentation projects within the Team. If you are interested in this opportunity, we look forward to hearing from you! Apply in English at


The Nestlé Group is the world's largest food and beverage company with 91.4 billion Swiss Francs in sales in 2018. It is present in 190 countries around the world, has 413 factories and its 308,000 employees are committed to Nestlé's purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. Nestlé offers a wide portfolio of products and services for people and their pets throughout their lives. Its more than 2000 brands range from global icons like Nescafé or Nespresso to local favourites. Company performance is driven by its Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. Nestlé is based in the Swiss town of Vevey where it was founded more than 150 years ago. Learn more about our Group and reasons to join us on






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Strong, multi-cultural diversity has shaped our success and culture. So we’re working hard to develop an environment, culture and leadership approach that provides equal opportunities for everyone, in every level.
Safety and Health

Safety and Health

At Nestlé, protecting our people is a top priority and we implement the Nestlé Safety and Health Management System (NSMS) to help us drive performance and continuous improvement.
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Work Environment

Nestlé encourages its employees in the flexible organisation of their working time and work environment, when the circumstances allow it.
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