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MKS (Switzerland) S.A. is a precious metals and financial services company part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, specializing in all aspects of gold and other precious metals processing and trading. It develops and maintains long-term relationships, and offers a wide range of services in those markets. MKS draws from more than 60-years of experience. 

Networked through modern communications systems between its various offices worldwide, MKS is closely involved in the latest gold and price developments throughout the world, 24-hours a day.

With its direct involvement in the physical precious metals market, and through its subsidiary refinery, PAMP SA, MKS maintains a thorough understanding of the industry, as well as consistently high-quality products and services.

Moreover, the Group is headed by an uncommonly experienced team of precious metals professionals, with over 700 employees worldwide and more than 15 offices on five continents.

As market leader, MKS remains on the pulse of the global gold business, advising the financial services industry on the commodity that lies at the heart of our monetary system.


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