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GCERF (Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund) is a young foundation based in Geneva. GCERF funds community-based projects that aim to strengthen the resilience of those communities against violent extremism. GCERF currently funds programmes in Bangladesh, Mali, Nigeria and Kosovo and is about to start supporting programmes in Kenya.

Programmes benefitting from GCERF’s main funding mechanism are coordinated by large local non- governmental organizations (NGOs) who lead a consortium of local NGOs and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that implement the program they have designed together. Approval for funding is based on strict strategic and technical criteria. Once funded, programmes are subject to rigorous monitoring and evaluation by GCERF. GCERF is also in the process of launching a new funding mechanism which is similar to a small-grants programme.

GCERF is currently funded by thirteen donor countries and the European Union. The Board includes representatives of donor countries, countries where programmes are being implemented, civil society, the private sector, think tanks and other foundations. The team in the Secretariat is still small (about 30 altogether) and is professionally and culturally diverse.

GCERF has just celebrated its three-year anniversary and is still very much shaping itself, continuously improving its objectives, approaches and processes and starting multiple new initiatives.

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