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Soladis is a data analytics company founded in 2000. Its business activities are divided into three major areas: Health, Industry and Research, Service and Marketing for a variety of customers, from SMEs to big multinational companies. We have a particular focus on "Life Science"? (i.e. Pharma, Medical Device, Biotech, cosmetics etc.), an area Soladis is committed to since its inception.

To help our partners set up, analyse and give value to their projects involving data, we provide tailor made services based on a 3 steps methodology: 

-Access, Collect and Store Data

     a.Understand partner’s needs and objectives

     b.Bring expertise to set up studies (protocol, design of experiment…)

     c.Provide solutions to capture data (e-CRF, surveys, IoT, Web Scraping…)

-Organize, Manage and Analyze Data

       a.Aggregate, store and clean databases

       b.Use statistical and biostatistical models

       c.Build AI solutions through Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms

-Produce solutions and Give Value to Data

       a.Answer specific questions through reports (publications for peer-reviewed journals, statistical & clinical reports…)

       b.Provide turnkey solutions for teams (dashboards, web applications…)

       c.Develop tailored tools within the company’s internal flow

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