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“People have to love what they do and the company where they work.” Captain Gianluigi Aponte, Group Executive Chairman, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.

As a world leader in container shipping, with a global operation and a people-focused culture, it’s no wonder we attract some of the most driven, dedicated, and skilled employees.

While other companies might aspire to being unique in their back-story, to achieve meteoric growth through the power of its people and proposition, or to develop a team of industry renowned experts, it’s MSC which truly succeeds at all of this.

Today, we proudly operate on 200 trade routes, have offices in more than 150 countries, own 480 container vessels and over 24,000 staff. That’s not bad at all for a business which started less than 50 years ago as a one-vessel operation.

At the core of all this phenomenal achievement however, is a genuine and robust belief that people really are the magic behind any business.

We’re fiercely committed to our personal service and to creating trusted respected relationships with every single customer. And naturally, we couldn’t do that without having the right people helping us to deliver an outstanding standard of care and attention at every step of our logistics process.

What makes us special, however, is you won’t see us fixating on qualifications and expertise alone. We stay true to the beliefs of our founder Captain Gianluigi Aponte, who has always considered that the best business is served by positive, passionate and enthusiastic individuals – whatever their previous experiences.

At any one time, MSC can be recruiting for a vast breadth of career opportunities – be they landside or vessel-based.

You don’t have to have come from a shipping background, have a certain number of years’ experience under your belt or have a long list of academic accolades. Instead, we’re interested in you, in your desire to be part of our team, to think globally, to care deeply, to create relationships and to drive yourself to your natural best.

If that sounds like a good fit….you should already be dropping us a line….

Working for MSC

At MSC we’re proud that throughout our impressive journey of growth and success, we’ve fully maintained our ethos as a company which sees itself as very much a family-business.

This means we value our staff as being intrinsic to the way we operate, to how our customers feel about us, and to what our marketplace perceives us to be.

We nurture our colleagues, have an outstanding learning and development programme to help with career progression and skill enhancement, and we’re always listening to ways in which we can improve how we support our employees through our internal culture.

With an international presence, naturally working with us brings huge scope. We also have a great approach to benefits and enhancements to ensure you really feel like a valued member of our team.

Sound like the kind of company you’d like to join?

Get in touch and let us know a little about you, about the kind of role you think you’d be suitable for, and what makes you keen to join the MSC family.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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