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Translated from French

about 1 year

Former employee, Permanent position

BienAir Dental / instabilité

It is a family business where there is a good general understanding between employees of the same rank (blue-collar workers). Flexible schedules (except production and assembly).
Water fountains available, fruit baskets in winter.

The management is catastrophic and the opinion of the employees has no impact on the managers.
Reorganization every 6 months.
No work from home.
2x10 minute compulsory break to catch up.
Positions are always negotiated by cronyism, never by skill.

Translated from French

over 3 years

Current employee, Permanent position

Family, initiative, dynamic, open-minded

Translated from French

2 months

Applicant, Permanent position

opaque recruitment process

Having never worked for this structure, I cannot give an opinion, however their quotation leaves something to be desired.

The clarity of the recruitment process and having a personalized response.