Multi Personnel Service SA

Multi Personnel Service SA

Rue St-Pierre 4, Lausanne


Translated from French
No return

Never received an answer from them when my profile perfectly matches the profile I was looking for...

Never received an answer from them when my profile perfectly matches the profile I was looking for...

Translated from French
Super agence

Great agency. The consultants are professional and very helpful. The announcements are real.

Not much, nothing much. Their consulting systems are professional and pleasant

Translated from French
very recommendable

Multi is an excellent investment company, easy and easy contact, relationships are very fluid

Nothing to change! We must continue in the same style, it is a guarantee of success!

Translated from French
I recommend it!

The relationship with Multi Personnel is always impeccable, a first-class partner

Not much to say, I am very happy with the follow-up and the relationship developed with my recruitment expert

Translated from French

Quality service and advice!
listening to the candidates!

Nothing to blame or say!
very good contact and perfect service!

Translated from French
Enjoy working for Multi

I had the opportunity to do two temporary assignments with Multi Personnel who work with very interesting companies

The consultants are very friendly, efficient and available. Don't change anything!

Translated from French
A beautiful experience

I really enjoyed working at Multi Personnel. A close-knit team with a very good state of mind

I don't really see any areas for improvement, even if there is always room for improvement...

Translated from French
Serious partner

A serious company with consultants who are attentive and provide good advice

No particular comments to make, very satisfied with Multi Personnel's services

Translated from French
Multi Personnel: tailor-made

The quality of the advice, the understanding of expectations, the interpersonal skills

My overall score is 5, so not much to improve, at the top!

Translated from French

Respond in a negative way without giving explanations and also refuse by phone. And this for all the job postings I applied for and even if I clearly matched the profile.

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