IADI Training Assistance Analyst (TAA)

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26.02.2020 | Position with re­spon­si­bil­i­ties | 100%

IADI Training Assistance Analyst (TAA)

Training Assistance Analyst (TAA)

Office location:BaselDepartment:International Association of Deposit InsurersUnit: Service: Employment - Duration:3 yearsContract type:Fixed-termFTE%:100%Application Deadline:24/03/2020


The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI), the global standard-setting body for deposit insurance systems, is recruiting for the position of Training Assistance Analyst (TAA). IADI invites candidates to submit their CV and letter of interest no later than 24 March 2020.
IADI contributes to the global stability of financial systems by enhancing the effectiveness of deposit insurance and promoting international cooperation on deposit insurance and bank resolution arrangements in partnership with other international organisations. The IADI Secretariat is hosted by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). IADI recruits globally, regardless of nationality, and offers competitive employment packages. The position is based in Basel, Switzerland, and will involve extensive travel.
Purpose of the job:
The TAA reports to and performs under the direction of the IADI Senior Training and Technical Assistance Advisor (STTAA). The TAA will be responsible for assisting the STTAA to support the Association’s training functions to provide Member’s with training support to modernize and upgrade their deposit insurance systems. This includes supporting the STTAA’s work on IADI’s Self-Assessment and Technical Assistance Program (SATAP) and working closely with the Financial Stability Institute (FSI) to conduct conferences, meetings and other joint training initiatives on deposit insurance and bank resolution issues and expanding other elements of IADI’s existing training. In addition, the TAA will help undertake the implementation of the core curriculum and a program for addressing the IADI Core Principles (CPs) for compliance gaps in Member systems.
Principal accountabilities:
As the officer responsible for helping support the STTAA’s support of IADI’s training function, the main responsibilities of the TAA are:
(a) support the day-to-day management of the STTAA’s development and articulation of training assistance and support the STTAA, Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC) and its Technical Committees in support of their programs and outreach to IADI Members. Specifically:
  • implement the expert training strategy for the expansion of the roster of IADI experts which involve developing a 4-stage training process to move trainees from a basic to expert level of knowledge
  • implement a strategy with the TTAC to partner with international financial institutions for additional training resources
(b) help develop programs to provide training services to IADI Members in order to modernize and upgrade their systems including: supporting executive training sessions on topics chosen by Member surveys; support for SATAP reviews and technical assistance workshops for Members
(c) support the delivery of a core curriculum with the TCTC and addressing the IADI CPs compliance gaps in Member systems
(d) support the STTAA in working closely with the FSI to conduct conferences, meetings and other joint training initiatives on deposit insurance and bank resolution. In particular, the updating of FSI-IADI tutorials and coordinating the work of subject matter experts to develop additional modules on deposit insurance and/or resolution
(e) when required, participate on behalf of the Association, in meetings and conferences related to training and technical assistance.
Executive Council and Annual General Meeting
  • Develop and maintain a close and effective working relationship with the STTAA, Secretary General (SG), Chair and EXCO, keeping them well informed on training matters affecting the Association.

Affiliate Support and Liaison

  • Assist the STTAA in building and maintaining effective working relationships with other international institutions such as the BIS, FSI, IMF, World Bank and FSB to exchange information in such a manner to advance IADI’s training agenda.
Qualifications and work experience:
  • Graduate or undergraduate degree, preferably in international relations and business training, economics, finance, or equivalent work experience in these areas.
  • At least 5 years of experience in a deposit insurance organization, financial regulatory authority, central bank, Ministry of Finance, an international institution, private sector, or academia, with experience conducting training programs.
  • Knowledge and experience in such fields as deposit insurance supervision, resolution and crisis management and interacting with international organisations to advance financial stability.
  • Ability to develop and deliver training programs that take into account a wide range of deposit insurance systems, practices and Member needs.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively.
  • Excellent verbal and drafting skills in English (knowledge of another major language is an advantage).
The BIS employs IADI staff on fixed-term contracts, with the initial term being three years. The IADI and BIS are fully committed to equal opportunity employment and strive for diversity among their staff. Against this background we encourage applications from female candidates.

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