Data Engineer/Scientist Azure


  • Publication date:

    14 September 2023
  • Workload:

  • Contract:

    Permanent position
  • Place of work:

    1227 Genève

Joining CROSS means joining a center of excellence and innovation with a wealth of experience.

Here we create technological systems to secure and optimize processes and data.

Since 1987, we have been a key player in the Swiss/French market and we collaborate exclusively with key account clients, known and recognized, in diversified sectors: Energy, Luxury, Finance, Outdoor... Totally agnostic but radically innovative, we adapt to each of our customers in order to offer intelligent and "challenging" solutions.

Due to our positioning with high added value and our dimension on a human scale, we are looking for experts capable of being proactive. On a daily basis, we are convinced that people and trust are real drivers of development. This is why we put you in the best possible position and we offer you the means to evolve through a large capacity for training and certifications.

Based in Geneva, we rely on an international group (FR, Bel, Lux, Esp, Chi) and we share our expertise and our premises with 2 of its entities: WIDE and albert. Another major asset for pooling skills and multiplying opportunities.

We are looking for a Data engineer to be part of our client's project.

Data Engineer/Scientist Azure


  • Improve usage of data from numerous internal + several external sources, throughout their life-cycle: collection, versioning, harmonisation, consolidation, quality, restitution, cleansing.
  • Improve quality of data by defining and implementing validation rules, monitoring & correction via appropriate tools.
  • Rely on cloud-hosted solutions to improve how we can process data (new possibilities, higher capacity, elasticity).
  • Mining data out of text standards: intelligent document information extraction, semistructured data analysis, NLP.
  • Evolve towards describing knowledge inside ISO standards as exploitable digital assets: resource description, knowledge graphs, inference.
  • Semantic indexing, automatic generation of mappings between specific fields and our standards.
  • Be an enabler for innovative products (developed by ISO or our members) such as customer-focused applications or APIs. Coordinate work with third party suppliers in this field of activity.
  • Conduct Proof of Concept demonstrations to validate or improve technical designs
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement and application of ISO's application design principles.
  • Stay current with industry trends and developments and share them with the team
  • University or post-graduate degree in computer science, software engineering or other highly technical, scientific discipline. Several years of professional experience, as technical lead or senior developer.
  • IT data architecture, design, modelling, and quality assurance, with proven achievements.
  • Experience with Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data is a plus
  • At least 3/5 years' experience

Technical skills:

  • Proficient with document databases (MongoDB, Marklogic, Elasticsearch), relational databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle), data formats and transformations.
  • Programming: Python, Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, REST, GraphQL.
  • Knowledge of RDF, OWL, triplestores, SPARQL is a plus.
  • Middleware: ETL, Event Streaming, Analytics.
  • NLP.
  • Very good written English & French. All written communication will be in English.

Soft skills:

  • Excellent analytic and problem-solving skills.
  • Hands-on personality unafraid to dig into ISO’s systems.
  • Proactive in looking for continuous improvement.
  • Adheres to ISO's core values of Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, Growth Mindset, and Pushing Boundaries

Your personal qualities will make the difference: rigorous professional ethics, autonomy while having a team spirit, analysis and synthesis skills, listening, creativity, sense of service, sense of customer relations, diplomacy, commitment...

At CROSS, just as much as your CV and the experience that you will be able to put forward, we will be seduced by your personality, the place you give to human relations in the workplace and your desire for involvement within the company.

To sum up, you will have understood that if your skills, your desire to grow alongside us and your personality correspond to our business project, then there is a good chance that we will travel together! So don't hesitate, come and join us ! :