Popular professions in Nidwalden

Commercial Manager

65 salary indicationsCHF 63 500Commercial Manager


48 salary indicationsCHF 78 650Clerk

Executive Assistant

37 salary indicationsCHF 72 500Executive Assistant

Accounting Clerk

34 salary indicationsCHF 84 500Accounting Clerk

Software Engineer

32 salary indicationsCHF 80 000Software Engineer

Project Leader

29 salary indicationsCHF 86 990Project Leader

Team Leader

26 salary indicationsCHF 91 000Team Leader


25 salary indicationsCHF 61 300Logistician

Aeronautical Engineer

24 salary indicationsCHF 71 000Aeronautical Engineer

Office Secretary

23 salary indicationsCHF 65 000Office Secretary

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How much do you earn on average in Nidwalden?

The Canton of Nidwalden is one of the founding cantons of the Swiss Confederation. According to 1 468 salary entries of jobup.ch users, the median salary in the Canton of Nidwalden, which is slightly below the Swiss average, is 76 019 CHF. The main localities in this canton are Stans, Ennetbürgen and Buochs. The small and medium-sized companies located here are often looking for new talent to expand their teams.

What are the highest paid jobs in the Canton of Nidwalden?

The field of activity with the highest salaries in the Canton of Nidwalden is Catering / Hotel business / Tourism, followed by Small and medium-sized industries and Construction industry / Real estate. The canton is slightly below the Swiss average, but the cost of living in this mountainous canton is also lower. The living environment is not to be neglected: in the heart of the Alps and on the shores of Lake Lucerne, Nidwalden enjoys a breathtaking landscape.