Salary information for Product Manager in the canton of Zurich

CHF 101,799
Median annual gross salary at a workload of 100% including the 13th salary and a bonus
Low income
CHF 72,800
CHF 101,799
High income
CHF 136,133

Based on 893 salary entries

What is the salary of a Product Manager in the canton of Zurich?

The average annual gross salary for the profession of Product Manager in Zurich is CHF 101,799, including the 13th salary and a bonus (based on 893 salary entries). You can find more salary information for Product Manager in the canton of Zurich in the following.

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  • 1.Banking/Financial institutions141,500
  • 2.Medical Technology118,000
  • 3.Utilities115,050
  • 4.Information technology/Telecom.112,160
  • 5.Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals110,000
  • 6.Industry various108,000
  • 7.Recruitment agency/Staffing108,000
  • 8.Public administration/Associations105,500
  • 9.Transport/Logistics105,000
  • 10.Machine/System construction104,500
  • 11.Consulting various104,000
  • 12.Insurance98,000
  • 13.Building trade/Real estate97,500
  • 14.Service sector in general96,600
  • 15.Education96,400
  • 16.Retail trade/Wholesaling96,100
  • 17.Consumer/Luxury goods industry95,270
  • 18.Media/Printing/Publishing95,000
  • 19.Health care/Social services92,000
  • 20.Agriculture/Forestry/Wood89,450
  • 21.Legal/Business advice88,000
  • 22.Commercial operation/Skilled crafts84,500
  • 23.Tourism/Travel/Recreation78,650
  • 24.Catering/Hotel72,962

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