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GenomSys SA is a Swiss health technology software company that develops secure, clinical-grade, solutions bringing Precision Medicine to everyday life. The exponential growth of genomic-related companies has ushered in an increasing number of applications, yet not much has changed in people’s habits or their perception of how to harness and use this critically important and sensitive personal information. On the contrary, there is a growing uneasiness that genomic data is often misused by providers fueling demands for enhanced privacy and security of such data also through uniform international standards.

GenomSys first brought genomics into the digital era by addressing the issues of legacy genomic text-based data formats. We led the ISO international standardization of MPEG-G (ISO/IEC-23092), a digital data format for genomic data representation that delivers substantial benefits in terms of compression, interoperability, native encryption, selective access and embedded metadata.

GenomSys is now taking the next step, enabling laboratories and end-users to take advantage of the new standard: MPEG-G native analytical pipelines for more efficient storage and focused analyses via selective access, and the ability for people to store and analyze their own genomic data in their smartphones, as much as legally allowed, bringing genomics into the mobile world.

In doing so, GenomSys is defining a new paradigm: a consistent value proposition emphasizing privacy and convenience to truly deliver personalized medicine to individuals by leveraging the uniqueness of the new digital genomic standard and the pervasiveness of mobile, either directly or through enabling business partners.

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