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SAFRAM – a smart and economic solution for the customer.

The strength of SAFRAM lies in its proprietary routes which ensure reliability of transport, respect for timetables and the security of goods.

The performance of our network is based on the drivers feeling fresh and comfortable. For this purpose, each long segment is covered by two trucks which exchange trailers at the half-way point. For example, the Geneva-Paris journey is made by one driver/truck who leaves Paris bound for Pouilly-in-Auxois, where he will exchange his trailer with the driver and truck that arrives from Geneva. Each driver then heads back. This way, the SAFRAM trucks never travel empty, they carry freight in both directions.

SAFRAM Group is pursuing harmonious growth underpinned by a golden rule: we commit to providing our customers with flawless service, perfectly in line with expectations and as part of a long-term relationship. Each entity of the SAFRAM Group complies with a quality charter which guarantees stellar performance throughout the network. Nothing is left to chance to meet our customers’ requirements; we are continually improving our processes and our equipment to stay at the forefront of our profession.


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