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Picarro is a profitable Greentech company backed by prime venture capitalists in the Silicon-Valley. Picarro has about 140 employees with customers in over 73 countries worldwide. We are a global company with our head office in the US (Silicon Valley) and offices in Switzerland, Netherlands and Beijing.

Picarro has been working for the last 20 years in revolutionizing the understanding of climate change and global carbon, water and nitrogen cycles by designing new instruments to meet the requirements of scientists and the industry. 

In the past 10 years, Picarro has further developed its expertise in developing analytical solutions, data-rich algorithms, atmospheric modelling and data interpretation systems to simplify the complexity of environmental interactions and turning complex processes into meaningful and actionable insights. Our goal is to provide analytical services and solutions that drive efficiency in industrial processes and help mitigate climate change. 

We are today the world’s leading producer of greenhouse gas and stable-isotopes measurement instruments for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications, including environmental and climate change research, air quality, energy and more specifically natural gas distribution networks and industrial airborne molecular contamination control (semiconductor and pharmaceutical). We’ve been awarded the World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneer 2012 award, got written up in the New York Times, winner of Wall Street Journal R&D awards and many more.


Be transformative by setting new, data-driven industry standards enabling leadership in our targeted markets including Environmental Science, Natural gas and semiconductor by 2022.


Be globally recognized as the industry leading provider of real-time gas concentration analyzers and data analytical solutions to enable a safer and more climate-friendly living and working environment.

Natural Gas Network Management – a Digital Revolution

With regulations on pipeline safety being revised and tightened, pipeline operators are now looking at innovation to improve their asset management efficiency, relying on new, predictive tools to optimize asset maintenance and assist in decisions for proactive replacement of assets within their infrastructure.

The recent increase of objects connected to platforms gathering large amounts of data with powerful data analytics capabilities has given rise to a new way of approaching pipeline asset integrity. The Picarro solution is part of this digital revolution and has been designed to meet next generation challenges to improve natural gas asset integrity management.

Picarro’s mobile natural gas detection technology, called “Surveyor”, allows natural gas leak plume data to be collected at a speed and scale not previously possible. Advances in “Big Data” Analytics allow better-informed conclusions to be drawn from that data. Methane data can be collected once and used for multiple applications including leak survey, pipeline replacement prioritization, infrastructure risk management, forecasting, emissions quantification and targeted emissions reduction.

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