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JobCloud SA is primarily a dynamic company using cutting edge technology, which operates the two leading generalist employment platforms in Switzerland: jobup.ch and jobs.ch. We offer innovative and essential tools to optimise contact between recruiters and candidates.

A dynamic company, leader in Switzerland

JobCloud SA was established in 2013 through the fusion of the companies jobs.ch sa and Jobup SA, and it operates these two generalist job platforms, both created in 2000. Furthermore, it uses the executive and specialist employment platforms Topjobs.ch and ALPHA.CH. The publishing companies Ringier and Tamedia are the owners of JobCloud SA. Based in Geneva and Zurich, JobCloud SA currently employs over 200 people.

One mission: facilitate the relationship between candidates and recruiters.

In our role as career counselors, our main mission is to facilitate the contact between candidates and recruiters. We provide solutions in the field of online recruitment and constantly follow market evolution, which allows us to offer custom-tailored solutions to your needs, with high-yield technical tools and a cutting edge digital environment. 

At JobCloud we are constantly on the lookout for candidates who are open to this continuously evolving digital environment, who are dynamic, creative, driven and have a sense of humor.

Our professional environment' Innovating, stimulating and at the heart of the action

With us, you will benefit from a stimulating work context, and an innovating environment, as well as being a part of one of the leading companies on the Swiss market. Within a young and dynamic team, JobCloud provides you with favorable employment conditions. 


4.5 ★
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environ 3 ans

Employé(e) actuel(le), Durée indéterminée

Très bonne équipe toujours jeune et dynamique. Tous les départements s'entendent très bien. Les Team-Lunch mensuels participent en plus à cette bonne ambiance.

Grands espaces de travail, parfois très bruillant et difficile de se concentrer... Heureusement la société peut nous fournir des casques anti-son.


plus de 2 ans

Employé(e) actuel(le), Durée indéterminée

Entreprise dynamique ! Rapports de confiance entre l'employeur et l’employé. Grande autonomie accordée dans la gestion du travail (home office, congé non payé, etc.) et outils de travail performants.


plus de 3 ans

Employé(e) actuel(le), Durée indéterminée

Jobcloud est active dans un marché compétitif qui évolue rapidement et ouvre de nombreuses opportunités.
Culture d entreprise ouverte où les succès sont célébrés.