Translated from French
6 monthsCurrent employeePermanent position

Correct and average salary scale.
Significant annual bonuses.

Siloed hierarchies, little trust in employees, company frozen by procedures, lack of clear guidelines.
Communication problems between teams.

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about 2 monthsCurrent employeePermanent position
Excellent working conditions

The working conditions are very good and there are many advantages for the employees.

everything is in place for distance working but we still need to change mentalities a little to be more flexible

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about 1 yearCurrent employeeInternship
Best employer

Company values, flexible rates and schedules, work/life balance, work atmosphere, employee benefits, equal pay for men and women, a strong interest in the well-being of employees,...

Nothing particular at the moment, company in the process of change/modernization

Translated from French
about 1 yearCurrent employeePermanent position
Excellent employer

Employee benefits, flexibility, company values, responsibilities, flexible working hours, compensation package, general working climate.

Sometimes a little slow to decide, but change is underway

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