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Headquartered in Belgium and with subsidiaries in US, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, UK and Korea, we help industrial customers to devise, implement, embed and maintain their asset health strategies and guide them in the transition to maintenance 4.0. Helping them to collect, organize & analyze data worldwide in order to optimize industrial efficiency. I-care is at the heart of digital transformation. We guide our customers on their industry 4.0 transitions, delivering only proven solutions and services around our areas of expertise, focusing on safety, availability and profitability.

We bring deep domain knowledge in:
? Defining asset failure modes
? Detecting failure modes ‘on time’
? Increasing up-time & throughput

I-care offers a wide range of high added value solutions, training and services to predict, advice and accompany its industrial customers in optimized maintenance plans, assets reliability and production availability at controlled costs by reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns.

?Maintenance 4.0 We have done Industry 4.0 since ’04 and add industry knowledge, historical data and competences in leveraging data to the mix
?Predictive maintenance & analytics - Spectral vibration analysis - Oil analysis - Infrared thermography - Ultrasound analysis - Electrical motor analysis - Onsite dynamic balancing - Laser alignment
? Reliability solutions - Risk management, loss elimination and managing the life cycle of assets from design to decommissioning
? Maintenance & reliability professionals - Helping industrial companies find, attract and retain the right people
? Reliability centered lubrication - Half of all malfunctions - and associated costs - are related to bad lubrication. We help our clients bring their lubrication program to a higher level
? Calibration & measurement - Periodic calibration and maintenance activities on instruments as well as clean room validation


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