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About Sunstar
Founded in 1932, Sunstar is a Japanese company providing high-value-added products and services in the Oral Care, Health & Beauty, Engineering and Chemicals sectors.

Sunstar’s products are available in over 100 countries, and the company has a foothold in over 20 countries with approximately 4.000 employees.

Oral care is Sunstar’s leading sector - representing over 50% of the company’s sales – followed by Chemicals (26%), Health & Beauty (12%) and Motorcycles (9%). 
Japan is the company’s key operating market, closely followed by America, the rest of Asia and Europe. 

Sunstar’s Oral care business accounts for over half of the total group net sales, and in recent years has achieved steady growth following a business acquisition in the Netherlands, sales growth in Europe, a greater awareness of interdental cleaning products in the Americas, and an expansion of customer contact points in Asia. In the company’s Chemical business, interior adhesives have experience growth following increased sales in Asia. 

A holistic approach to health 

Sunstar’s mission is to ‘strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life’.
We truly believe that in order to improve our well-being we need to care for our body and mind with a holistic 360° approach. That’s why all our products and services seek to improve the daily lives of our consumers - from the very moment they start their day, to the moment they rest their head at night. 

Innovation at Sunstar is driven with the consumer at its core. With actionable consumer insights and scientific facts, our R&D team develops products and services that answer a concrete consumer need. 

History of Sunstar

Sunstar was founded with a mission to improve the health and well-being of its customers. Health has always been engrained in the company’s DNA; the same “Sunstar” even comes from the ritual of brushing teeth in the morning as the sun comes up – and again at night under the stars.

When Kunio Kaneda, company’s founder, succumbed to his long battle with diabetes, his son, Hiroo Kaneda decided to promote the company’s focus on research and launch into the medical treatment field – in the hopes of finding a cure for diabetes. He believed that Sunstar should contribute to the healthcare industry not only with its products, but also with research that would go on to improve the lives of consumers for generations to come.

After years of exploration, in 1997, Hiroo Kaneda – along with several acclaimed specialist – first identified the relationship between oral health and general health and, especially, between periodontal disease and diabetes.

Since then, Sunstar has been focused on further exploring this connection and raising awareness among consumers through congresses, social activities and rewards.

Our products

The G·U·M brand series is the first comprehensive line-up of dental products that combat the causes rather than the symptoms of the periodontal disease which affects about 70% of the world's population. Innovative G·U·M products that effectively combat the bacteria that cause periodontal disease, such as toothbrush, dental floss and custom care products, are continuously being developed through collaboration with dental professionals and application of the most advanced research findings from around the world. Today, G·U·M brand products have become popular in more than 80 countries. Healthy mouth, beautiful teeth The Ora² series of dental products not only make your mouth healthier, but also makes your teeth more beautiful.
This is a goal that everyone seeks, particularly active career people who want to have a confident smile. Brand trusted by dental professionals around the world for more than 80 years Butler has been committed to providing high-quality oral-care tools to consumers and dental professionals worldwide. It has pioneered a unique approach to plaque removal that combines brushing, flossing and irrigation tools. 

The Butler brand, which was initially developed for innovative products designed to respond to the specific need for fine quality toothbrushes that would meet exacting oral hygiene requirements, has become the pre-eminent global brand with a full line-up of dentistry products for prevention and treatment that are widely used by the world's dentists and dental hygienists. Sunstar supports healthy lives by providing innovative products, starting with basic good oral-care products and continuing with additional high-value-added products for fighting against cavities that were developed ahead of other companies, by incorporating in product development the findings of the world's most advanced dental research in cariology.

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