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We are the Home of the Young Professionals.
Born in Stockholm in 1998, we have helped about a 100'000 young professionals in launching their career. Our mission is pursued in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany and since 2015 in Switzerland (before that we were known as Cusmic)!
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Translated from French

27 March 2019


To be improved, urgent!

What works well?

- Dynamic offer writing - That's all! That's all!

What could be improved?

Never returned despite many applications. Please contact the candidates when it takes the trouble to apply and they match the profile you are looking for, even if it is a formatted email to say no, it avoids them to hope...!

Translated from French

12 July 2018


I applied to dozens of their ads, I never received a single answer (even negative), even when my profile matched the ad perfectly.

Translated from French

27 September 2018

Former employee

What could be improved?

Here is a concrete example of how you can have diplomas and be totally incompetent. AcademicWork is young, it's fresh, but it has no sense of anticipation and no long-term perspective.