Translated from French

8 months

Former employee, Permanent position


Salaries are paid on the 25th and overtime is recorded in a software program.

The atmosphere is toxic and political (caution). Wages are low and no increases are possible. Long working hours.

Translated from French

10 months

Former employee, Permanent position

Experience of fear

After many years of experience: unfortunately nothing.

The human side. Dismissals violently and without any respect


over 2 years

Former employee, Permanent position

Fire philosophy

On basis of an experience, it is sad to say : unfortunately nothing

Bad hire and fire philosophy, politic of fear, no consideration for engaged and motivated employees


almost 3 years

Former employee, Permanent position

Taille de l entreprise



over 3 years

Current employee, Permanent position

Friendly employees with good atmospher created by employees. Employees manage their worktime and the company is very keen about private life.

Small company acting like being one of the major company on the market and in the industry. This company does not promote the employees (or rarely, excepted for the managers) unless it requests you to

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