Tips & Guidelines

Tips for providing reviews and comments

On, you can provide reviews for companies you have worked for or applied to. Your review is an important source of information for job seekers about potential employers.

In order to submit a review for a company, you must be (have been) employed by this company or have been invited to at least one interview with them.

It is not allowed to write more than on review for the same company on the same topic.

The star rating is regarded as an overall impression. If you would like to supplement your star rating with a short text, please take note of the following points:

Describe personal experiences

  • What works well in the company?
  • How is the work atmosphere?
  • How did you find the cohesion among colleagues?
  • How was your application process?
  • Where do you see potential for improvement?

These questions serve as a guideline and it is not necessary to answer all of them.

Honesty is the best policy

  • Company reviews must be truthful
  • Be honest and don’t forget to remain factual and fair and not to offend anyone
  • Stand behind what you write – even after a conflict with the company

Specific + clear = helpful

  • Describe specific situations
  • You should address negative aspects without being insulting
  • Do not exaggerate or understate anything – other job seekers are trusting your rating
  • Your evaluation must be relevant, i.e. it must tell something about the application process or the working atmosphere

Commenting function for employers

In order to let both sides speak, employers have the possibility to comment on a review. The guidelines mentioned below apply for reviews as well as for comments. Comments will be verified and validated individually provided that they correspond to our guidelines.


Each text review and each comment are checked by us individually and then published. Publication takes place provided that the review/comment corresponds to the guidelines mentioned here, and that it is fair and objective. It is important to that the guidelines are adhered to. Therefore, we reserve the right to not publish or to delete reviews/comments which do not comply with or guidelines, or if there is a suspicion of misuse.

Inappropriate content

Offensive statements, threats, slander and allegations will not be tolerated. Reviews/comments may not be racist or discriminatory.


Your review needs to concern working, or the application process in the respective company. Take care that this reference to the company has been established. Even if you only had brief contact with the company, it is worthwhile reporting about your experiences. If you want to comment on a review, the text needs to refer to the review in question.

Protection of privacy

No review or comment may breach the privacy of persons or companies. This includes not publishing names of persons or statements which can be directly attributed to a person. Likewise, no company secrets may be published. However, you are allowed to use your own name. In doing so, please be aware that your review is published on a public platform and can be viewed by everyone.

Provide own ratings/comments

Do not copy any content from other websites or texts of other persons who have provided reviews. Your review should be individual. Describe your experiences with the company in your own words.

No false reviews/comments

The publication of false content is not permitted. Negative aspects about companies may be addressed. However, the reviews should be true, factual and fair. Only then is your shared experience useful for other job seekers.

Please also consult our GTC. We reserve the right to change these guidelines.