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Since 1843, the FAA (Fondation Asile des aveugles) serves the vision health. It includes the Jules Gonin Eye Hospital, two homes for the elderly (EMS Clair-Soleil et EMS Frédéric-Recordon) and the Educational center for visually impaired students (CPHV). It employs more than 600 staff.


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Translated from French
8 months
Luigina / very disappointed

I applied once and had an interview that went really well I did a day of internship and they called references everything was great but finally did not hire me because another employee did not like me !!! A joke

The response time is the opinions of their collaborators... they didn't engage me but they regularly look for staff which means that there is certainly a problem

Translated from French
almost 2 years

Take a long time to answer, don't seem to know what they really want.

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over 1 year

Thank you for your feedback.
In order to be able to answer you personally and with a view to continuous improvement, could you please provide us with more details about the situation (to which announcement do you refer and what answer did you receive). We thank you in advance for your feedbac...more

Translated from French
4 months
A disgrace

2 times I go for interviews, they don't even bother to call or send a simple email to tell us that it's negative while we go for the interview just a shame! I will never apply to this institution again.

Be respectful to candidates and reminders or send an email for the rest of the interview.

Translated from French
18 days
Executive / Manager

Thank you for your return.
In order to be able to answer you personally, could you please send us more information at the following e-mail address: