and Friendly Work Space® partners up with Health Promotion Switzerland to allow you to better get to know your potential future employers, specifically by promoting companies Friendly Work Space® labelled.
These employers have successfully implemented workplace health management (WHM) and therefore offer optimal working conditions. In this way they optimise long-term healthy working conditions.

Discover the commitment of Friendly Work Space® employers.

Accredited employers
promote your health
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Healthy employees are more motivated and innovative, they are better at resolving problems and make cleverer decisions. Responsible and forward-looking companies have recognised this and implemented workplace health management (WHM) as an important function. Because they know: the healthier the individual employees, the healthier the company as a whole. Not only in terms of positive key indicators and sustainable business, but quite literally.

How can you tell whether a company is actively promoting your health? The Friendly Work Space® label is awarded to organisations which successfully implement workplace health management. It is awarded by the independent national Health Promotion Switzerland foundation.

Certified Companies

The following companies meet the workplace health management criteria and have been certified Friendly Work Space® :


Your accredited employer

As an employee, you can rest assured that a company awarded with the Friendly Work Space® label is an employer who has systematically integrated health-promoting measures into the corporate strategy. These measures will be apparent in your daily work, as your line managers will have a heightened awareness of what constitutes healthy working conditions. And you will be personally involved in the solution-finding process to create better working conditions. Happy employees, better working conditions and responsible management are, after all, prerequisites for a competitive company in today's world.

Would you like to work for a company that is committed to ensuring its employees are healthy and thus provides the necessary funds and resources? Then look out for the Friendly Work Space® label. Companies bearing this label are verifiably accredited and excellent employers.