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FPGA Firmware Engineer CDD 6 months (becoming full time eventually)
20.05.2019 | Employee | 100%

Advanced Silicon is Electronic design and fabless chip design company developing and delivering Electronic Systems as well as mixed-mode Integrated Circuits (ICs) for standard and specific applications (ASSPs, ASICs). Our electronic systems are dedicated for touch screen applications as well as medical X-Ray imaging and are powered by our own ICs. They enable optimized cutting edge interactive displays and detectors with outstanding performance. Our touch solutions provide high speed multi-touch capabilities, active pen, objects recognition and 3D gestures.
Applicants are invited to send their application and resume to Advanced Silicon SA e-mail address:jobs@advancedsilicon.com 


FPGA Firmware Engineer CDD 6 months (becoming full time eventually)



Job description:

  • Development, optimization and testing of high-performance FPGA code for video processing, electronic boards based on uC, DSPs & high-speed processors and embedded firmware.

Behavioral competence:

  • Archieving results: following through on new ideas and innovations; planning and implementing application; driving work / projects along and seeing them through to their conclusion
  • Working in teams: building and maintaining constructive and effective work relationships
  • Demonstrating flexibility: demonstrating openness to new ideas and situations; being willing to work on different projects simultaneously
  • Solving problems: identifying, defining and assessing problems, taking action to address them; producing workable and timely solutions that meet requirements

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