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Welcome to a new kind of bank.
Swissquote wasn’t founded by bankers, but by engineers and outsiders who wanted to democratise the system with technology. We’ve been innovating ever since. We made trading smarter and cheaper, created a safer way to buy cryptos, and led the automated trading revolution. We are now the Swiss leader in online banking.

 A bank that doesn’t look like one.

Nobody wants a highbrow, narrow-minded bank. At Swissquote, we value personality, initiative, and team spirit. Dress codes? Sluggish innovation? Inaccessible managers? You won’t find them here! Our highly skilled software engineers, legal officers, and sales and banking specialists are empowered to work with a common goal: making opportunities more accessible for everyone. 


Swiss rock-solid stability
We may have challenged the outdated aspects of traditional Swiss banking, but we still embrace the trustworthiness and quality of service for which it stands. This way, Swissquote combines the best of two worlds: the smart thinking of FinTech with the reliability and precision of a fully regulated Swiss bank, listed at the SIX Swiss exchange.

Feeling inspired? Join a sharp-minded and friendly team to challenge the codes!


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