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Founded in 2005, agap2 is a European company of engineering and operational consulting. We operate in the sectors of Energy, Infrastructure, Transport, Chemistry, Life Sciences and IT.

Today, the agap2 group has a team composed of over 5000 qualified doctors and engineers. We work on projects around the world from our offices in Europe - Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Netherlands, Portugal, and UK. 

Our business is based on a policy of excellence and quality at every level, a deep knowledge of the sectors in which we operate, and a demanding and strategic partnership policy with our client. Recruiting the best employees, associated with real prospects within agap2 is the key to the growth of our business. 

We attach as much importance to the spirit, ambition, dynamism, and daring as to the expertise of our teams. Attached to these basic human values, we recruit high-value profiles to strengthen our technical teams and our industrial partners in Switzerland (office in Basel, Lausanne and Zurich).


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Poste présenté correspondant à l'annonce. Bon contact avec le recruteur.
Sans suite malheureusement.

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Aucun suivi, beaucoup de bla bla mais aucune information donné au candidat, procédure de recrutement complexe et inutile, délai bien trop long