Translated from French
about 1 yearApplicantPermanent position


Following my application, I was quickly called for an interview.
The interview went well.
The wait was a little longer than expected which I also understand because I was one of the first candidates for the interview. I raised twice and was finally called back to tell myself that my application was...more

Shorten the waiting time or inform candidates

Translated from French
8 monthsApplicantPermanent position

process too long

Questionnaire on the recruitment process what seems to show that they want to improve the process

I was lucky enough to have a successful profile about 10 days after I applied.
I then had a short telephone interview with HR (very nice by the way) followed a few days later by a constructive telephone interview with the person in charge of the position.

Unfortunately I didn't hear from you for al...more

almost 3 yearsApplicant

Super rude HR lady.

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