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Entreprise familiale 100% romande, notre groupe fut fondé en 1946 par Monsieur René Leuba. Aujourd’hui présent dans les cantons de Vaud, Neuchâtel et du Jura avec 10 garages, nous représentons 5 marques réputées. Nos valeurs familiales et professionnelles sont au coeur de notre savoir-faire depu...


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06 September 2022

Former employee

Backward work climate

What works well?

What works is the warmth that the customers bring but having stayed two years in this group as a "salesman" I have seen the arrival and departure of 8 salesmen. So, important turnover...

What could be improved?

It was very pleasant at the beginning, but as the weeks went by the masks fell off and the real personalities appeared. Lack of communication and permanent contradictions....

Translated from French

09 September 2022

Current employee

pleasant beginnings but soon a mess

What works well?

I had the chance to work for the Mercedes brand for more than 7 years, but no evolution. The only thing that has changed is the way the advisors are paid: reduced. Otherwise we have the Clim in the office and coffee...

What could be improved?

I had an absolutely fantastic start to the experience but as the months went by, the lack of rigor was glaringly obvious from the unethical management....

Translated from French

16 May 2019


Thank you for the seriousness of the follow-up of the treatment of the offers received

What works well?

It is worth answering even if there was no interview. Which is not a lot, they don't get 200 answers anyway. So thank you very much for taking the time to give yourself some attention and seriousness....

What could be improved?

Nothing at all compared to the short contact we had....