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Fort d'une histoire de 150 ans, le groupe Coop est profondément ancré en Suisse. Ce qui n'était au départ qu'une petite coopérative de consommation est aujourd'hui un groupe d'envergure internationale opérant dans le commerce de détail et le commerce de gros. Le groupe Coop a dégagé en 2018 avec ses...


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Translated from French

19 June 2021

Current employee

Three white

What works well?

I'm very happy to continue

Translated from French

30 December 2022

Former employee

For me, it is at the top.

What works well?

The working conditions, the colleagues. The general atmosphere, the satisfaction and consideration of the customers. The relationship between superiors and employees. The totality really.

What could be improved?

It was very good, I regret that I left regardless of my will. I would love to come back to Coop