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At Manpower, it’s our job to get you a job! Why not join the 23,000 people who place their trust in us' We’ll help you find a permanent or temporary job, introduce you to new challenges, support your professional development and provide you with advice to help you in your job hunt.


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Translated from French

20 February 2018

Former employee

What works well?

Replies to emails (even if automatic reply)...

What could be improved?

Get off your ass Registered for 3 years with them and always that negative answers recieve your criteria....

Translated from French

01 September 2018


Manpower advertises permanent positions while they are temporary positions. Lack of seriousness and above all lack of respect for the candidates....

Translated from French

30 January 2018


Ask for a CV and then ask to do it again on their site which contains bugs that make the time to submit a file go from 2 minutes at JobUp to 35 minutes....